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The Agency according to T&P: thoughts on this last day of the transfer market.

2024-01-31 00:21

Giulio T. (T&P CEO)

The Agency according to T&P: thoughts on this last day of the transfer market.

As we always repeat to each other in the Agency, “changing your shirt often means changing your life”...


The winter transfer market closes today. The fateful day has arrived and we all at T&P welcome it with a sense of (deserved!) rest. 

77 transfers completed this summer compared to 24 of the last year, 15 winter deals done compared to 9 of the 22/23 winter which bring the total transfers to a massive total of 92. A record for our company and I want to personally thank all the members of the team for their contribution. A team that currently has 11 collaborators with various skills, background and ideas, each with her/his own time to dedicate to the growth of this Agency. Thanks therefore to my journey companions of this 2023/2024 transfer market sessions which has just ended: Roberta, Alex, Vlad, Hector, Peppe, Diego, Ian, Raffaele, Lydia and Maurizio.

Many nations have seen our players as key actors, involved in international transfers. As we always repeat to each other in the Agency, “changing your shirt often means changing your life”. Those feelings of fear mixed with emotions and the desire to demonstrate in a new nation, or simply in a new city, that a player is capable of having an impact like before, better, more than before. It is for these sensations that we feel the moment of a transfer as the crucial one in the sporting life of an athlete.
Too often we read that an athlete comes to us agents to change clubs just to obtain (at least) a better salary.
Many times, however, for an athlete a transfer means much more. Often in the agency, during our daily working routine, we find ourselves speaking with some of our athletes who tell us that they have reached a point where they feel they have to change clubs. Or simply feel of having "arrived" at a point where the stimuli are over and precisely to respect the club they play for, they want to leave.


In this difficult balance between respect for the sensations of an athlete, the budgets and legitimate aspirations of a club, we move like in a waltz. We have this delicate task. Being a bridge between an athlete's dreams and their concrete realization, taking care not to deceive anyone with false aspirations, but, basing our premises on rational foundations, planning all the steps together to get as high as possible. This winter session saw players smiling again after some difficult periods, others reacting with joy at a transfer, and still others (with their parents) bursting into tears at their first professional contract. It is for these moments that in 2012 I've chosen to study for becoming a FIFA agent. I already had all these images in my head. This has always been the main driver that pushed me to choose this career. The idea of being able to have a positive impact on people's lives is one of the most important aspects of being a FIFA agent. At least it is for me.
Today we celebrate a record breaker year for Tedeschi&Partners and I can only say a heartfelt thank you to those who support us with respect and affection.